Scan to Email Server – Brother Printers

If you’ve replaced a Brother printer recently you probably would have come across this problem. The last two Brother’s we installed we have noticed this:

Scan to Email (Server) option is not actually on the printer from factory. There are two options for enabling this feature:

Option One (Recommended)

If you are lucky, Brother actually has the tool you need available for download in the download section. However – we have discovered that this is not always the case.

Here is the name of the package that will allow Scan to Email (Server) for the models that support it:

Internet FAX* / Scan to E-mail Server/ Fax to Server*/ LDAP* Install Tool

In my case I was trying to enable this feature on a Brother MFC-9340CDW and Brother don’t actually list the tool in the downloads section (or at least they haven’t at this stage, we have emailed Brother Support and asked that they change this).

If you need the tool – which is a firmware update for the Brother MFC-9340CDW you can download it from here. Once this has been installed to your printer – make sure you also set your POP/SMTP settings in the printer, or the function will still not show on the printer. Further instructions on how to do this can be found here (most of the models have the same web interface).

Once you have configured this you can then add things to your Address book and mark them as Mail as well, so bulk adding addresses and group addressing becomes achievable.

Option Two (Not Recommended, but easier)

The other way you can achieve this is by using the Brother web application “Easy Scan to Email”  – the problem with this though is you can only add one address at a time and all the email is routed through Brother’s own servers. If you wish to use this you just need to go to the Web option through the touchscreen of your printer and you can add the Easy Scan to Email service. It will then ask you which email address and settings you wish to use and its just a matter of completing these and adding a shortcut.

Hopefully this helps people that have had the same experience we have had.