A great moment in marketing (Issue 1)

One of the random things I wanted to be able to cover off in this blog was a section “Great Moments in Marketing” where I could showcase some things that I thought were what I feel a great moment in marketing.

Recently my example of this is a company called “Step One Underwear” that created quite a clever and craft video that can be viewed below

The video is definitely crafty and fun and has amassed over 300k views on Facebook

This to me wasn’t the great moment in marketing though – the great moment was when a friend of mine posted on Snapchat that he had bought a pair, and the packaging that it came in.

The packaging which I unfortunately don’t have a picture of had this text on it:

“You’ve never been so close to comfort and had to give it away – but don’t worry you can get a pair to go to stepone.life and use the discount code POSTIE at checkout”

I consider this a great moment in marketing as the video has drawn people to the site, someone has ordered and then rather than end it there they’ve given another attempt at sale on the packaging itself – this to me is a good example of both the sales and marketing process, you need to be advertising and asking for the sale and have more than one strategy.

So thats it for the first instalment of great moments in marketing – I’m looking forward to seeing or hearing more!