What is an IOT Device?

Imagine waking up to your smartphone’s alarm clock which does not only go off to make sure you arrive in your meeting on time, but would also prompt your internet-enabled coffee maker to brew you a cup or two while you freshen and suit up for the day. How about a car so smart it automatically finds the fastest route to your destination? And when all hope is lost and you will end up late in a meeting, it will notify your colleagues right away about the delay for so and so minutes because you and your smart car encountered the inevitable on the road?

These are just some of the incredible scenarios which can best explain the Internet of Things a.k.a. IoT. These days, many things can already be automated may that be in the comforts of one’s home or in the office. And one way such scenarios become possible is through smart devices like Belkin’s WeMo Maker. I’ve seen different devices like this in some IoT Events I attended but this WeMo got my attention.

Except for the smart car that drives the fastest route, the Maker is one of WeMo’s products which automates a myriad of other electrical devices in your home and gives you a remote yet full control on some switches in your home.

Smart Home

The WeMo Maker looks like a small box with an antenna which serves as a router for all the connected devices.

While WeMo already has a good number of products in its portfolio, the WeMo Maker is probably one of the smartest as it enables automation even to electrical devices that were originally not “connected”. It is then no wonder why it was recognized as the “Innovation of the Year” by Popular Science’ Best of What’s New 2014.

One smart way of using WeMo Maker is by connecting it to a sprinkler. This way, the sprinklers may be remotely controlled from the WeMo app in your mobile device. Things can also get smarter since it has If This Then That (IFTTT) capabilities. Say, for example, you can set turning your smart sprinkler on when it’s already sunset or make it sense if the moisture in the surroundings is enough then you may set it to stay turned off until it’s necessary again to water the lawn.

An IFTTT feature also enhances your garage gate. The IFTTT feature helps you create recipes. You may set a recipe like “If (insert time), then close” or if you want your garage door open and waiting for you, you set something like “If 100 meters away, then open.”

Generally, the Internet of Things means that disparate things—may that be devices, switches, or appliances—can be connected through the internet. This promotes productivity and efficiency in accomplishing mundane daily tasks.

Would you use a WeMo Maker in your home? In the office? Share us your thoughts.

This article was written by Ronnie Maurillo from https://itupdate.com.au/

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