NiNite Autoinstaller – Save time building new Windows Systems

If you are a system builder, you probably hate having to spend so much time downloading all those extra little applications that do not come bundled with Windows.

For example:

  • Adobe Reader
  • Windows Live Applications
  • Skype
  • Alternative Web Browsers
  • Adobe Flash (because you want YouTube right?)
  • Java

Luckily there is another way – using Ninite.

Ninite allows you to select the applications you would like to install and bundles them as a single package, you no longer have to go to each individual site and grab all the individual packages then install them one by one. Just go to NiNite, click the apps you would normally install, then click get installer.

Once downloaded, open the application and let it run, it will do all the work for you. You can now go something more important, and you have saved yourself a considerable amount of time in the build process.